Coming to BNL

This guide contains practical information about visiting, working, or living on the BNL site with focus on ePIC. It will point you to relevant web sites including those that allow you to register to come on site and inform you about the training you will need to perform certain tasks. Before planning to come to BNL please read through this page carefully.


Before you can gain access to BNL or its systems, you must submit a guest registration (GR) form in the BNL Guest Information System (GIS) managed by the Guest, User & Visitor Center (GUV). Registration is done using this link: When your GR is approved, you will receive an e-mail indicating that you have been approved and assigned a permanent identification number, called a Guest Number. You will be assigned a host who is either from the Physics Department or the EIC Project. You should maintain communications with your host about your access and research as often as possible.


If you need help or advise please contact Rachel Nieves.

Essential Training

BNL requires that your training is up to-date to perform many critical tasks. To find out what training you need go to the BNL training web site. The vast majority of courses can be taken online. Right now there are no ePIC specific courses but this will certainly change in the near future.

More Info

A lot of useful information can be found at the General Visitor Info pages. The Maps & Direction pages are useful when traveling for the first time to BNL.


Please note that we try to keep these pages up-to-date as possible but changes in BNL policies happen often quickly. If in doubt the information on the official BNL web pages always supersedes the information on this web page.